Kobold Plushies

Created by The Gallant Goblin

Kobold plushies inspired by fantasy tabletop gaming.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

December Update!
5 days ago – Tue, Nov 29, 2022 at 10:38:30 PM

Here's the latest from Goblin HQ!  All the plushies and accessories have been produced and have been shipped from the manufacturer.  They're all currently on cargo ships headed to their various fulfillment destinations.  The kobolds have been given lots of food and toys so they don't try to hijack the ships.   We learned that lesson the hard way!

Unfortunately, the shipping timelines we've been sent indicate that we are certain to miss December fulfillment everywhere except the United States, and the US may also miss.  Shipping, as you may have heard, has gotten unpredictable, even with compliant kobolds.

Here is what we know:

Status of Physical Merchandise

We have three fulfillment centers:

1) GamesQuest in the United Kingdom

2) RPG Mini Hunter in Australia

3) Ox Eye Media (through Nord Games) in the United States

All the pins and coins have arrived. The stickers sheets, adoption certificates, and classic Rorys are with us and being prepared to be shipped out this week. They should arrive well ahead of the other plushies.

So that leaves the plushies themselves (all seven plushies plus four accessory kits and the pseudodragon). While our manufacturer originally targeted Oct. 31 for completion of manufacturing, they got delayed by COVID lockdowns in China. The plushies were received by the freight company November 22 but we didn't get confirmation of shipping until Nov. 27, which was also when we got confirmation of delivery times.

The estimate for arrival at the destination is 18-20 days for the US, 45 days for the UK, and 25-35 days for Australia. However, that estimate assumes smooth sailing through customs, which isn't guaranteed.

Once everything arrives at the fulfillment centers, then they begin packing and shipping the individual orders.

Status of Digital Content

We recently released the files for the Harvest Dragon STL and all the remaining VTT tokens via BackerKit. You should have gotten an email from BackerKit with your download link—if not please let us know and we can get you an updated notice. Here's a preview of all the tokens and frames you'll get in your download (162 versions in PNG, WEBP, and SVG formats):

Outstanding digital content that is still being developed and tested:

  • Encounter for the Harvest Dragon
  • Items and stat blocks, plus print and play reference cards for them
  • Shep's Guide to Pets


Here are some pictures from our manufacturer of the final packaging for the accessory packs:

The four accessory packs are in clear plastic bags with The Gallant Goblin logo printed on the bags. The bags are sealed at the top by a cardboard header tag showing the Hero Plush logo on the left, followed by a label with the name of the accessory pack, followed by 2D art of pieces from the accessory pack as well as art of a kobold of that class.

And here's the breakout of each package. First the barbarian pack's contents:

The cleric pack:

The druid pack:

The stretch goal adventuring kit pack:

Each kobold will also come with a folding tag that includes a little introductory bio for them (shown is the outside of the folding tag—the text is on the other side, the "inside"):

Happy holidays!

We deeply apologize for the arrival date slipping, though hopefully the fact that everything is on the move is good news. We are no longer at the mercy of manufacturing shutdowns, and shipping has actually cleared up pretty well for now. The postal service in various countries may be fairly overwhelmed with holiday shipping as well, though our fulfillment centers are aware of all the incoming packages and have indicated they should be ready to start shipping as soon as they get everything. Nord Games was kind enough to put us in touch with a different warehousing partner than the one originally planned for us because the first one was getting backlogged by holiday orders.

Thank you very much for your patience and your support! If you want to see previews of all the kobolds, they make regular appearances on our Gallant Goblin YouTube channel!  Luckily they work for fish, so we've been able to afford their appearance fees.   We hope our US friends had a good Thanksgiving weekend and that everyone has a safe, restful, and happy holiday season! You'll continue to hear from us as we get more information—when we get confirmation that shipments have arrived in their respective countries, when they reach the warehouses, and when the fulfillment centers start shipping to you!  

Until next time, stay safe, have fun, love each other, and we'll see you at the Gallant Goblin!   

Credit card charges & other updates
about 1 month ago – Wed, Nov 02, 2022 at 05:33:56 AM

In this update:

  • Credit card charges are showing up as from KO-FI.COM but are actually from us
  • Update on manufacturing dates
  • Plushie Project We Love!

Credit card charges

We have heard from a number of backers that the BackerKit credit card charges came through as being from KO-FI.COM rather than something that would make sense for this project like KOBOLD PLUSHIES. BACKERKIT, or GALLANT GOBLIN. We apologize for the confusion!

If you got a charge between Oct. 28 and Oct. 31 from KO-FI.COM for an amount matching the additional charge in BackerKit, that is a legitimate charge from us for the Kobold Plushies.

What happened is that BackerKit uses Stripe to charge credit cards. We first set up our Stripe payment account for our account a couple years ago and then reused it for BackerKit. We didn't realize that it defaulted to listing ko-fi as the payment source, which is what caused all the confusion. Again, we are very sorry we didn't catch this issue!

Update on manufacturing dates

We have a slightly delayed shipping date from our manufacturer for the plushies after their factory got hit by a COVID lockdown. They are telling us that all the plushies should be shipped by Nov. 10 and arrive at warehouses no later than 25 days later, which would be Dec. 5. We are coordinating with our fulfillment companies right now to make sure they know to expect the shipments and be ready to go as soon as they arrive!

Projects we love

We recently got approached by the folks at Spike & Crown to chat about running a plushie Kickstarter and have become enamored with their doggo plushie and the plan to make an animated film about him! Sancho looks to be a really big plushie, hence the higher price point, but if you're a dog lover and a plushie fan, you won't want to miss the opportunity to check this project out!:

BackerKit Charging Cards Oct. 24 and Overhead Tokens Release
about 2 months ago – Mon, Oct 17, 2022 at 10:01:25 PM

Happy October! As we described in our last update, manufacturing should be on track to conclude around the end of October. As a result, we will be locking BackerKit and charging cards to ensure we have funds for fulfillment.

We will lock non-retailer BackerKit surveys and charge cards Monday Oct. 24, 2022!

  • Those who backed as retail stores, your surveys will remain open longer as we promised during the campaign, likely into late November.
  • If you need to update your order after your survey is locked, please reach out to us at and we can individually update or unlock orders for you.

We are also excited to announce that we have released the first of our digital stretch goal packs. You should have gotten an email from BackerKit saying a new download is available to you for our overhead tokens. You can see the tokens in the pack in the image below:

An image showing the collection of 15 overhead tokens included in our overhead token pack. From top to bottom, the image shows the tokens in order of size. At a medium size of 400x400 pixels are Rory the red kobold wizard, two versions of Flick the orange kobold ranger with and without mask and white fur cape, Yuki the yellow kobold warlock, Shep the green kobold rogue with pet hedgehog, two versions of Coda the purple kobold bard in standing and sitting positions, Buckles the blue kobold fighter, Kaku the black kobold monk, and a baby owlbear in sitting position. Then at large 800x800 pixels are an owlbear with wings outstretched, our goblin mascot riding a corgi, a dire goat, and a gralbliss. Finally at huge 1200x1200 pixels is our 5-headed kobold featuring red, green, blue, white, and black kobolds, wearing a layered cape featuring the same colors.

The tokens are available in PNG, SVG, and WEBP formats and are sized at 400 pixels per inch. That means the kobolds and the baby owlbear are 400x400 pixels. The adult owlbear, goblin riding corgi, dire goat, and gralbliss are 800x800 pixels. The 5-headed kobold is 1200x1200 pixels.

The remaining tokens are in progress, as are the other digital stretch goals! We're super excited to be getting into the home stretch now! Please let us know if you have any questions!

Thank you!

Grady & Theo

The Gallant Goblin

Belated Big September Update
3 months ago – Tue, Sep 20, 2022 at 09:05:03 PM

Hey folks, sorry for being quiet for so long on the official update front. Theo's mom has been very ill, meaning he's been out of state most of August and September, which has left us at reduced capacity in terms of keeping everything going.  We have, however, mostly good news on the Kickstarter front.

Classic Rory Shipping

We're late on Classic Rory shipping due to the aforementioned family emergency but almost all US backers for Classic Rory had their packages mailed out today and should have received an email notification with a tracking number. There's a few more left to fulfill. Here's all the little guys that headed out for their forever homes today!

A photo of a couple dozen Classic Rory red wizard kobold plushies individually wrapped in plastic and lined up on our cabinet waiting to be packaged and shipped.

For international backers, you have two options:

1) We can mail out Classic Rory now from the US but risk you getting hit with customs and VAT charges because our US carrier options don't handle customs-friendly shipping. We are happy to refund you the amount you pay if that happens.

2) We send the Classic Rory plushies to our international fulfillment centers and they'll be included in the big shipment with everything else, but you'll have to wait until all the other pieces are ready to go.

If you ordered a Classic Rory and are not in the United States, please feel free to reach out to us at if you want to proceed with Option 1. Otherwise we will default to Option 2.  


Every last physical item in the Kickstarter is in manufacturing phase now. All the kobold plushies and their accessory packs are scheduled to complete production in late October, at which point they will be shipped to our three primary fulfillment centers in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia.

Depending on the state of sea shipping in late October, we are admittedly cutting it close on getting the plushies to you by Christmas. It's possible, but everything has to go right.  Production did get delayed slightly because we received all the updated samples in person and had some change requests:

  • Some of the new weapons didn't stick to the Velcro on the kobold hands well enough so we had to request the manufacturer add Velcro to those pieces.
  • The cleric's tunic had a very small head opening that required smushing the kobold's head to fit it onto the body. While it fits fine, we were worried it required too much aggressive squeezing and people might be worried about damaging either the kobold or the tunic. So now the tunic will open and close with Velcro in the back.
  • We also requested some design and color adjustments for the torch flame.

We believe everything should be good now though we are waiting for the final production samples to arrive still. Here are some photos from the first wave of samples though, which should be higher quality than the ones we posted from the manufacturer in our last update:

Adventuring Kit Accessory Pack (aka the Stretch Goal accessory pack)

Rory the red kobold wizard models the stretch goal accessory pack.  A gray torch with green flame in the sconce is attached to the left hand and the healing potion bottle to the right.  A gold key about the size of his leg leans against him.  He’s wearing the backpack pet carrier but you can only see the chest straps from this front perspective.
The back view of the previous picture showing the basket-like pet carrier backpack attached to Rory’s back.

Barbarian Accessory Pack

Buckles the blue kobold fighter models the barbarian accessory pack. All the pieces are colored light tan and dark brown. there is a kilt/belt around her waist, a spiked armband on her right arm, and a spiked shoulderpiece on her left shoulder attached via a strap over the chest. She also holds a warhammer almsot as tall as her in the right hand.

Cleric Accessory Pack

Buckles the blue kobold fighter models the cleric accessory pack. All the pieces have a silver and light blue color scheme. She has a kite shield strapped to her left hand and a mace in her right. There’s a robe-like tunic covering the body, a small circular pendant necklace depicting the head of a dragon in side profile, and a pair of matching shoulderpads attached by straps around the neck.

Druid Accessory Pack

Flick the orange kobold ranger models the druid accessory pack. There is a satchel on the left side with the strap going over the head and right shoulder. A pair of brown antlers atop the head are attached via a band wrapping around the head and under the neck. In the right hand is a candy cane-shaped brown staff with a green ribbon running down its length to which are attached small green leaves. Flick is wearing the leaf cape but you can only see two leaves over the shoulders from this front perspectivr.
A side view of the previous picture to give a better look at the brown satchel and the thick straps holding it closed.
A back view of Flick wearing the same druid outfit to show the green leaf cape and the layers of big leaves that make it up.


An angled front view of the gray pet pseudodragon showing the round pink frills around its neck and the rainbow gradient of frills down its back. You can also see the butterfly wings which are white in the center, then a layer of pastel blue, then a layer of pink on the outer edges.
A side view of the pseudodragon giving a better look at the wing and back frills.

Kaku the black monk

Kaku the black kobold monk standing against a white backdrop. There is an axe in the right hand that is about half as tall as the kobold. There are white armbands with black stitching on both arms. Kaku also wears a white eye mask tied around the head and a white robe with a black belt tied around the waist.

We also have our other two sticker sheets and our adoption certificates.

A photo of our three sticker sheets side by side. Each is 9 inches wide and 10 inches tall. The first sheet features art of our core kobolds and has a blue background. The second sheet features other kobold adventurers and has an orange background. The third sheet features cute animal pets and kobolds with a magenta backgroind.
A photo of our adoption certificates. Both depict the Hero Plush text logo in front of Rory with Flick standing behind him to the left and Shep to the right. Both certificates are 4 inches wide and 6 inches tall, portrait orientation. The right certificate is full color. The left certificate is also full color but has all the outlines replaced with a holographic foil that has a silver sheen and a vivid rainbow effect under bright light.

And here's video of the foil adoption certificate to get a better sense of how it looks. It has a very vivid rainbow effect when it catches the light right, but it otherwise looks like silver foil.

The pins and coins are already done manufacturing but haven't been shipped yet. We are holding the shipment until the plushies go out to avoid incurring storage costs at the warehouses from them arriving too early. From the manufacturer, here's the Kaku pin:

A picture of the Kaku black kobold monk pin, based on its concept art, attached to a cardboard backing card that features a gray dotted background, the Hero Plush logo below the pin, and a yellow bubble in the upper right corner that holds the text: Kaku

and examples of what the backings look like:

A photo of the backs of two pin backing cards wrapped in plastic. The left card is for Yuki the yellow warlock and the right card for Shep the green rogue. At the top is the art the pin is based on and a description of the character to its right. Then there’s a URL that is[character name] to learn more about the character. Below that are the logos for Gallant Goblin and Hero Plush, then some legal text, then the product bar code.

Still in Progress

The harvest dragon is a beast of an STL and TableFlip Foundry is still working on the presupports for it. The adventure for it is also in progress.  We have almost all the art for the tokens so that will likely be the next digital download that becomes available through BackerKit. The digital files for the other two 3D printable mini STL files are already available for download on BackerKit.  The other digital content is still in development and we'll provide updates as more of it gets finalized.

Thanks for your patience and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions!

Grady & Theo

The Gallant Goblin

Classic Rory Shipping Soon + New Sample Photos!
4 months ago – Sat, Jul 30, 2022 at 04:55:57 PM

In this update

  • Verify your address if you ordered classic Rory, shipping starts August 12!
  • Check your email for one shot with Theo scheduling!
  • Previews of all the accessories
  • More stretch goals unlocked!

Verify your address for Classic Rory

As we described during the campaign, classic Rory with all accessories stitched to him and not removable was produced in bulk to test our manufacturer's quality consistency and shipping procedures. We therefore have him in hand and are ready to ship him.

You still have time to add him to your order if you want to be one of the first to have a kobold plushie in hand! Even after we start shipping, you can add him on at any time.

What does this mean for you?

We will not be locking the pledge manager for this shipping wave. You will continue to be able to update your order and address. However, we will not honor cancellations for classic Rory once he ships—you will need to go through our Return process instead by contacting and requesting to Return and Refund. You will be responsible for postage to return unless there is a defect, in which case we will cover the cost to return and replace. Classic Rory begins shipping August 12 so you have until then to update your address or remove him from your order.

One Shot with Theo Scheduling

A planning document for the Kobold One Shot with Theo was emailed out last week. If you believe you should have gotten it, but didn't, please reach out and let us know. It's not too late to join in on this add-on either. We have 3 spots open still for you to add-on via pledge manager or the preorder store (pricing is $75 USD on both) if you like.

Looks of all accessories

The following photos are from our manufacturers. They are shipping the samples to us so we can verify them in person and take better photos, but we wanted to share the looks as soon as possible to get your feedback. If no changes are requested, these will likely be the final designs.

Pseudodragon Pet

Two pictures of the two sides of the pseudodragon plush. The body is light gray. It has four paw-like feet and stitched eyes and eyebrows. There are two butterfly-like wings on its back with concentric colors of white in the center, a jeans-color blue around that, and a pink on the outside, with a black outline separating the colors. A series of semi-circular ridges run down its back, which have a metallic sheen and transition from a green color at the front through the colors of the rainbow to purple in the back. There's also a similar set of pink semicircular frills along the top of its neck, separating its head from its body.

Druid Accessory Pack

Three photos of Rory modeling the cleric accessory pack. The first two pictures are front and back of him holding a candy cane-shaped brown staff with green ribbons swirling around it and a few flat leaves (green with black stitching for the veins) in his right hand. He's wearing a leaf cape with three layers of leaves progressing down his back. The leaves are dark green with light green for the veins and outer edges. The cape is tied around his neck with green laces. He's wearing a pair of antlers that are about 1.33x the length of his head horns. The antlers are brown and attached to his head via a brown loop of cloth that loops along the top of his head to below his chin. The last photo shows Rory wearing just the druid satchel. It's a little wider than his body, dark tan with light tan for the shoulder loop and bands that hold it shut.

Barbarian Accessory Pack

There are three photos. The first two show Rory wearing the barbarian shoulderpad, arm guard, and loin cloth. The shoulderpad has one big spike made from a flat triangular piece of gray cloth. The two smaller spikes shown in the concept art are stitched as part of the pattern of the shoulderpad, as they were too small to make 3D. The armguard (formerly wristguard) was lengthened to fit the spikes as well. There are two 3D spikes on it, slightly smaller than the spike on the shoulderpad, and each of those spikes is flanked by 2D spikes. The shoulderpad is attached to the body via a tan loop that goes around his body. The armguard is attached to his arm via two tan loops. Finally, the loin cloth loops has a tan belt attaching it to his body. It is also 2D, showing a belt buckle in the front plus a series of cloths alternating tan and brown. The third picture shows Flick holding the barbarian's warhammer, which is only slightly shorter than himself when held upright. The warhammer is attached to the velcro on Flick's left hand.

More stretch goals unlocked!

We also have the stretch goal accessory pack, which originally included a health potion and an alternate pet carrier. Now, thanks to additional purchases in the BackerKit preorder store, we were able to add two more accessories to the pack! One is a treasure key for your kobolds to discover on their adventures. Maybe it opens a secret room or a treasure chest! The other accessory is a torch sconce. Just because kobolds have darkvision doesn't mean they don't need some torches when exploring particularly dark caves! But what good is a torch if it can't be lit? Since Rory already comes with a fireball, we didn't want people who pick up Rory to get a duplicate. So we did a color swap of his fireball to give you... (Acquisitions Inc. fans should know the drill:) green flame!

(Note the pseudodragon pet isn't included with the stretch goal accessory pack and is sold separately. It's only in the photo for demo purposes.)

First picture: a side view of Rory holding the treasure key and wearing a long basket with lid like a backpack, with straps going around his chest. Second picture: Overhead view of Rory wearing the backpack with a second backpack next to him. The second backpack has the lid removed and you can see the pseudodragon sits upright inside the basket and fits entirely inside. Third picture: Rory holding the health potion bottle. There are four smaller pictures along the top showing closeups of the handheld accessories: the 2D key is yellow with a fancy looping design in the back, complete with green gem ornaments. The various elements of the key have black outlines to give it a cartoon-y look. The next two pictures are different sides of the health potion. It has a circular bottom with a wavy red pattern along the bottom to indicate its contents. There is then a neck and a tan stopper at the top. The "glass" parts of the bottle are a blue-ish gray color, and there's also a tan band around the base of the neck, separated the neck from the bulb. Finally, there's a picture of the torch sconce, which is colored two tones of gray to look like metal. The sconce piece of it resembles a castle tower turret design. The flame is identical to Rory's fireball but with two shades of green instead of yellow and orange.

And a closer look at the torch picture:

Closeup of the torch sconce and green version of Rory's fireball.

That's it for this update. Once we get the samples in hand and process your feedback, everything will go into production. Our manufacturer has indicated we are queued to go in August, which typically means shipping everything to our fulfillment centers in the US, UK, and Australia in October. With global shipping being the disaster it is, there is always a possibility of delays, but on average the cargo should reach the fulfillment centers in November in time to be shipped out to you in December. So barring any major disruptions, we remain on schedule.

Coming soon: the harvest dragon encounter pack and VTT tokens should release sometime in August. We should also be getting sample prints of the adoption certificates in August. The digital supplements and cards are still being designed.

We're also going to be traveling to Indianapolis for Gen Con August 3-8. We're going to be in two panels, the Uncaged: Goddesses discussion and Creature Curation's Let's Make an RPG session. Stop by and say hi, we'd love to meet you! We're also looking into other opportunities to meet with folks, which we'll coordinate or announce in our Discord server.

Stay safe and have fun!

Grady & Theo

The Gallant Goblin